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Save hours every week with our easy members access management

Real-time sync of users and roles

Use Slack/Discord usernames and roles to manage permissions. No email needed!

Real-time sync of users and roles

Role based access

Organize members into roles and set varying permissions

Role based access

Engage your community in creating knowledge

Allow everyone to contribute

All edits happen in personal drafts. Members can send you a merge request when ready.

Allow everyone to contribute

Accept or Reject Changes

As a moderator, you decide what changes go in to your final document.

Accept or Reject Changes

Recognize members for their contribution

See who created each block and how much was contributed by each member

Recognize members for their contribution

and much more...

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Capture Discord messages for re-use in bip later.

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Link Sharing

Share a secret link to allow access your document with a specific permission level.

Link Sharing

Access requests

Allow members to send requests to access private docs. Manage these requests from Slack/Discord too.

Access requests

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Finally used merge feature on BIP. Like the option 🤩. I can now freely share my ideas and ask people to contribute on them openly. Truly a great feature for DAOs



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Here are some of the questions our users have asked

If you did not find what you were looking for, you can send us an email or join our Discord server for faster support.

Why are all features available in the free plan?

We want you to have the complete experience of bip.so. Pay only once you start deriving value, which is when more documents are written on bip.so!

If I keep making all my old docs public, I can keep using bip.so free forever. Why are the plans structured that way?

We want you to open source more of your documents. In the long run, we want to become the github for documents, and will be building workflows for people to build on top of each others knowledge bases. So either by paying to keep documents private or by making your documents public, you are helping us!

Every other tool charges per user or per editor, why are you charging per 1000 members?

Our primary users are communities. If we charge per-editor, Admins may want to restrict the number of editors thereby restricting community participation.

Tell me what's the total I need to pay per month?

If you have less than 25 private canvases, you pay nothing. Else, you pay based on the number of members. Few examples below:

Members7503750976019750Whole of planet earth
Monthly Charge10 USD40 USD100 USD100 USD100 USD

What's your refund policy?

Any payment made within the last 30 days will be refunded, no questions asked! Just reach out to us at hey@bip.so

If members create multiple canvases but doesn't publish, are those counted towards the 25 limit?

No. Every canvas in bip.so goes through a 'Publish' flow in which a moderator has to approve the canvas. Only published canvases are counted.

Are members restricted from creating canvases once the 25 private canvases limit is hit?

No. First, you get notified that the limit is hit. Then you have 24 hours to decide and do one of the following actions:

Upgrade to the 'Pro' plan

Make any canvas public to bring your private canvas count to less than 25

If neither happens, the newly published canvas will be made public. The same is followed for all new canvases are published after reaching 25 private canvases in your workspace!

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