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Mesh Finance

A place to collaborate and build an open financial ecosystem for the world.

10561 Members


Questbook is a decentralized university where 10000+ developers are building on web3 and earning cryptos and NFTs along the way.

14105 Members


Helping Solana projects launch and grow

4589 Members


A self-serve full-stack data platform for extracting, storing, processing, and monitoring data, all while ensuring that the data is always suitable for quick decision-making.

12 Members


We build interactive stories and games for voice enabled devices

25 Members

1000Founders Community

We are a Founders Community of over 250+ founders, helping you go from zero to PM-Fit in 1 year

11 Members


Deep integration with Discord

Onboard your existing community in a single click

Auto-sync roles and control access based on them

Capture important message and drop them into documents

Get notified of updates in DMs

Create and collaborate with git enabled documents

Non-developers find git complicated. We make it simple so anyone can use it.

Allow anyone to contribute by sending a merge / publish request

Every contribution is attributed so people can build their proof of work


Engage your fans with our social features

Writing and reading documents is a big ask. We make it easy!

Leaderboard to motivate your community to contribute

Share important snippets as a feed with Reels

Public view for no-nonsense consumption

Who is bip for?


Allow anyone to contribute in permission-less way and keep track of top contributors

Niche Communities

Create wikis and build a permanent knowledge repo for your community, with your community


Research and learn in public, whether it's about your latest investment or a budding technology




Finally used merge feature on BIP. Like the option 🤩. I can now freely share my ideas and ask people to contribute on them openly. Truly a great feature for DAOs


Co-founder, Builders' Tribe

Really amazing product 🙂 I love it. I want to say that I'd ditch. Roam + Notion completely with just bi-directional backlinks in bip

Rohith Goyal

Building JediSwap

Opensource collaboration is going to be a big part of the future. To collaborate between a large number of contributors spread around the world, most of the collaboration will happen over text. 1000s of people will want to work on the same documents. Even the brainstorming will happen over docs instead of on calls. BIP is the closest to anything I have seen so far that is leading us towards that future.

City Roots

City Roots DAO

Great product! Always wanted something like this.


Founder, Questbook(YC W21)

I’m trying to build a DNA of documentation in our team and @bipThis bot on Slack has really made it super easy to motivate my team to write documents. I felt really empowered.

Vishnu Saran

Founder of StoryQube

Since I started building in public on I've got 3 different VC firms reach out to know more about us! Also a dev who's in Microsoft, has joined us part time and is contributing to our engineering.

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