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Save 3 hours every week with our easy members access management

Role based access

Organize members into roles and set varying permissions

Real-time sync of users and roles

Use Slack/Discord usernames and roles to manage permissions. No email needed!

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No unwanted edits to your canvases

Allow everyone to contribute

All edits happen in personal drafts. Members can send you a merge request when ready.

Accept or Reject Changes

As a moderator, you decide what changes go in to your final document.

Recognize members for their contribution

See who created each block and how much was contributed by each member

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and much more...

bip Mark

Capture Discord messages for re-use in bip later.

Link Sharing

Share a secret link to allow access your document with a specific permission level.

Access requests

Allow members to send requests to access private docs. Manage these requests from Slack/Discord too.

and much more...

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